A Biking Avatar

I was biking yesterday and thought how cool it is—it’s one of those things that connects you to the freedom once again of being a kid.  And I noticed that if you keep your head held high, looking straight ahead, you can pretend that the rest of your body doesn’t even exist.

This probably works better once you’re on a flat surface, all warmed up and in a groove, and don’t need to concentrate on traffic.

The idea is that you’re just a floating head, sailing like an avatar above your body and the bike and the road.  It’s amazing how smoothly you coast along; how your bike and body absorb the little bumps and your gaze stays smooth like a steady-cam.  It’s liberating.

Of course, then you start thinking…this isn’t enough!

I want my head/avatar to float…higher.  I want to get way above all this and count squirrel nests.  I want to see how many antlered deer there are within 100 yards of the trail.  I want to spin myself backward to see where I’ve been…while I continue to pedal forward.

I want to soar really high and see the whole creek valley, like the bald eagles which will start wintering here soon.  Just for fun, I want to see the kids sneaking cigarettes and the guys peeing behind their garage.

In the meantime, I’ll peddle on.  And keep my head on straight!

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