Some Questions about Guardian Angels…

I’ve heard some amazing stories about guardian angels.  They’ve come from level-headed folks who describe encounters that can’t be reasonably explained.  Absent their split-second intercession, tragedy would have resulted.

I wonder if we all have a guardian angel that’s always with us.  One that guides us in subtle ways we can’t even detect—and jolts us with a conscience taser when we’re out of line.   An angel that absorbs the sharpest and most irreversible pain when we’re hurting the most.  A spirit that whispers to us in soul-dreams and that guides us ever-so- gently and purposefully toward our Created Destiny.

Is it a cosmic God-soldier, single-handedly fighting off the dozen demons that are poised to attack us at any given time?   How shocked would we be if we could see all those evil forces?  And how joyous would we feel as they slink away, vanquished by our guardian angel?

How would our lives change if we could meet our guardian angel in human form?  What would you ask it, and how much more emboldened would you be in your faith-walk and life-journey if you knew they had your back?

Would you accept all the truths they could share with you at the risk of full and complete confession?

Do you have an exclusive guardian angel, one that surrounded you at conception and carried you down the birth canal and has served as a guide dog since then?   They would know you more intimately than anyone, which would be pretty comforting.

Those times when you feel distant from God—is it because they’re busy putting out someone else’s soul fires?   Maybe guardian angels switch around to different people…even in other galaxies?

On the day we pass, will they be our escort to the next dimension?  And do we then get to meet them?

Finally, after we’ve been able to spend time catching up with those who have gone before us…does our guardian angel inform us that it’s our turn to be a guardian angel?

Just wondering.

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2 Responses to Some Questions about Guardian Angels…

  1. Janice Bell says:

    Very well put. There is something that is unexplained in everyone’s life if they choose to recognize it. Praise should be given to those who make a difference in someone’s life.

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