My name is Tim, and thanks for visiting my blog.  My mom read to me early and I came to love books and writing.  My dad is an outdoorsman who has forgotten more about nature than I’ll ever know.  I grew up in rural Iowa with changing seasons and Methodist Sundays.  We now live near Des Moines.  I’ve been blessed with an awesome wife and three incredible kids.  I’ve also been haunted by career choices and nagging self-doubt.

I try to wrestle through this by journaling and writing poems.  “Godservations” is a term I devised to describe my “God-observations”—the stuff The Creator is laying on my soul.  Sometimes they take the shape of a backlit spider web or a frosted window.  Sometimes a random word or thought percolates up and I run with it.  I just try to roll with the creative flow and see where it takes me.  And that’s why I call this writing “insights into out there.”

My desire is that I’m able to inspire my readers into examining life from an angle of wonder, introspection, and self-discovery.  Please let me know what you think, and bless you for spending some time with me.

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