Comes A Time

There comes a time the veil will tear,

and our every zip-filed experience

will rip open and tumble fast-forward across a cosmic screen,

witnessed by a voyeuristic universe.

We stand, trapped in a soul-prism

humbly grateful and momentarily uplifted for Good we’ve done.

But Evil and self-doubt taunt from the darkness

and collective sin exposes the real Us,

vomiting forth in deathly embarrassing detailed living color.

…Isolated and defeated,

our shrunken naked spirit trembles…

Jesus gradually emerges from a gently brightening mist.

He dabs away our paralytic tears,

cradles us in thorn-lashed arms;

whispers blessed and assuring lullabies.

Then God sends a rainbow through us

to expose and destroy the mockers;

to wash us pure and right and whole.

Swept into kaleidoscopic infinity,

we marvel that we could have ever doubted…

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