Leaf Purgatory

Air heavy from recent drizzle,

It’s overcast and surprisingly warm for late October.

The neighbor’s walnut tree is barren.

Our linden sheds floating leaves;

Various maples are deciding when to lose theirs.

Magically, a small leaf from the snowball bush dangles mid-air,

A rusty crescent moon tethered by a delicate spider thread.

Stem down, it gently pirouettes;

A copper-specked-yellow-lined-whirling-mellow-dervish

Oblivious to logic and earth pull and autumnal decay.

Does it dance to spite gravity?

Or to cut loose and become compost?

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2 Responses to Leaf Purgatory

  1. If it weren't for us, you wouldn,t be here!!! says:

    We have spent the last half hour reading a few of your writings/poetry. We look forward your future thoughts and expressions.

  2. timggrover says:

    Thanks Mom & Dad! You’ve definitely helped shape my world view, curiosity, love of the outdoors, and my spirituality. Love ya!

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