Watching a show about the universe the other day, I learned the Hubble telescope has detected a dwarf star in a galaxy 40 light years away.  Rotating around it is a planet composed of graphite.

The planet’s orbit is so close to its sun and the solar gravitational pull that it’s constantly rocked by violent seismic activity.  And the atmospheric pressure on the planet’s surface,, combined with extreme heat, is so intense it turns the graphite into…diamonds!

It must be an incredible sight.

But walk outside on a cold January night when fluffy snow is falling.  Watch how the light creates diamonds as the flakes descend to the ground.  And see how their radiance changes with any slight move.  It’s magic.

You can’t do that in Cancun.

And you’ve saved yourself a 240 trillion mile trip, more or less.

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2 Responses to Diamonds

  1. Janice says:

    That is amazing. It’s great to observe things greater than ourselves. Some people live in their little world they forget to notice the beauty of the world around them. You are not one of them!

  2. timggrover says:

    Thanks; that’s the mission I’m hoping to create with the blog–having people slow down a bit and ponder Creation. I love how you can learn so much just by being outside and studying things closely.

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