January 61st

According to the calendar, we’re in the waning hours of March 2, 2014.  That puts us less than three weeks from the vernal equinox and spring’s arrival.

The thermometer begs to differ.  It’s currently 3 below in Des Moines and we’re headed toward an overnight low of minus 14.   It could shatter the old low record by ten degrees.

We’ve all rightfully done our share of bellyaching about how cold and snowy and miserable and long this winter has been, and we’ve all wondered why.   My theory?  It’s actually January 61st.

Anyway, I noticed some amazing crystal ice patterns on our glass sliding door and wanted to share them.  This won’t warm you up at all—but  come July 54th, looking at them may cool you down a bit.

Enjoy these views out your own window while you can…it WILL get warmer!

Oh yeah–and as we’re approaching Ash Wednesday…see if you can find the cross.

2014-2-26 2 2014-2-26 3 2014-2-26 4 2014-2-26 5 2014-2-26 6 2014-2-26 7 2014-2-26 8 2014-2-26 9 2014-2-26 10 2014-2-26 11 2014-2-26 12 2014-2-26 13 2014-2-26 14 2014-2-26 15 2014-2-26 16 2014-2-26 17 2014-2-26 18

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