Life’s Book

Life’s book is written on your heart.

Is it fantasy or non-fiction…romance, or a tech manual?

Can the pages turn freely, or are they soiled and matted together?

Is it your own personal best-seller, or a dusty attic silverfish treasure?

Was it created with unlimited crayons; brilliant colors only you can share?

Or drawn in #2 lead pencil, dots filled neatly and completely; erasures not allowed?

Is it stream-of-consciousness free verse, or heavy-handed essay?

Designed from the Creator or fabricated for the world?

Is the reader alive and inspired, or bored and tired?

Does it beat in sync with the great Out There,

Or click steady, like a suffocating wall clock?

Do fireflies blink inside it, or do buzzards circle patiently around it?

Is it an encyclopedia of enlightened wisdom, or a tabloid of mind candy?

Do you treat it like a sacred text, or disregard it like junk mail?

> Write carefully.

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