One Day, Maybe

I wonder how many times Dreamers are destroyed after sharing Vision,

only to have it mocked, shredded, and stuffed right back down their throat? 

It’s never been done that way before.

It won’t fit inside the box.

It’s stupid.

So Dreamer gathers the misguidance and tries pruning the Dream.

He hopes the result will please the masses (and the asses)

and still allow him to retain a semblance of fulfillment.

Dreamer shuts up and takes a number and joins Them,

attempting to despise the part of him that dared to dream.

He nails that window shut.

One day, maybe,

Destiny allows the sun’s angle to crack that sealed window.

A holy spirit fills him, blasting away darkness and anger and The Doubt.

God whispers to Dreamer that he’s been entrusted

with the Vision to transfuse a sullen world.  

He bursts with self-acceptance;

overflowing with divine certainty

that he was marvelously created

and designed for wondrous

And programmed for love.

Dreamer goes forward

and changes Everything.

One day,


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