Scared and Sacred

Within us is a scared place…

A tiny room only we hold the key to,

Even though the world viciously attacks that door with crowbars

And the prisoners inside scream for release.

These are demons of self-loathing and anxiety;

Unresolved sin and murky outlooks.

They bathe in a cold isolation whirlpool

Where love and hope

Drown in dark eddies.


Within us, too, is sacred space…

An expansive boundless universe filled with holy spirits,

Arms wide for a welcoming hug.

They understand us and forgive us anyway.

They baptize in grace and fill our hearts with spilled-over blessing.

Whispering to us our calling,

We’re transported to an aerie high above the dross

Where agape showers cleanse us

And rainbows are born.

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