The Bible, God, and Dogs

Biblical references to dogs are mostly disparaging and blasphemous.

“Canine scavengers” and “evil dogs” are terms that appear.  “Like a dog that returns to its vomit is a fool who repeats his folly,” we learn in Proverbs.   The only thing Jesus says about them is that it’s not good to take children’s bread and throw it to dogs, which is a neutral statement (about dogs, anyway) at best.   There are “human dog” references, although I for one have been bitten more often by people than canines.

That bothers me.

I know there are demons among us that can rightfully be compared to vicious Rottweilers–the kind who are bred and trained to protect drug cartels.

But if one believes in a loving Universal Spirit, then “God” and “Dog” have much more in common than being anagrams.

They both want to know your secrets; your concerns; your joys.  They’re always ready to walk alongside you.  They both love you unconditionally.  They can always sense how you’re feeling.

Both can be playful, yet both are content to just sit close beside you.  Both are loyal and would never forsake you.  Both thrive on praise and attention.

When we’re getting out of line, both can growl or nip our heels to get us back on track.

Most fundamentally, both God and Dog are convinced that we are much better people than most of us think we are.

No wonder many folks consider a dog as their best friend.  Hopefully they leave some room in their heart for God, too.


         On a lighter note…what did the dyslexic agnostic say?

         “There is no Dog, there is no Dog!”

Snoopy along the Des Moines River at Yellow Banks Park.  He's missed.

Snoopy, our lab-husky mix, near the Des Moines River at Yellow Banks Park.  He was unleashed from this world in July 2011.

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